Tao Las Vegas



What is V.I.We?

V.I.We is the shared table social experience, for a fraction of the cost of doing standard bottle service. You gain access to a large area in the club comprised of several tables with bottles on them. You share the area, the tables and the alcohol with your fellow partygoers. Drinks are made for you by our cocktail staff, and security is in the area as well, just like regular bottle service.

Is there seating in V.I.We?

Yes, there is open seating in the area. We don't reserve seating in V.I.We , If you want reserved seating we encourage you to buy your own table.

What do we get to drink in V.I.WE?

The bottles we will be featuring in V.I.WE are:
i. Absolut Elyx Vodka
ii. Avion Silver Tequila
iii. Campo Viejo Sparkling Wine

Can I buy individual drinks of something else if I don't want to drink that?

Yes – you can at the bar, it is a separate cost not included in your ticket price.

Can we buy bottles of another product in V.I.We?

V.I.We is a shared social experience, if you want to purchase your own bottles we encourage you to do so buying your own table.

What if I meet someone at the club who is not in V.I.We but I want to bring them in?

Pending availability they can purchase a ticket for V.I.We in the venue.

How many people will be in the V.I.We area?

Capacity in V.I.We will change depending on how much space is available on that particular night. An average would be 10 people per table.

What if I buy a ticket but you sell out for the night before all my friends can purchase?

All sales are final – we encourage you to buy your tickets in advance to avoid this.

What happens when the bottles are empty, are they unlimited?

Bottles on the tables will be replenished throughout the night– as needed. Meaning – we want you to have the time of your life, but we also encourage you to drink responsibly.

How many tickets for V.I.We can I buy at one time for the night on taolasvegas.com?

Up to 4 tickets can be purchased at one time.